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With the Rightline Gear Security Cable Lock, you have one less thing to worry about while your travel. This cargo lock features a unique key-less design that ensures maximum protection for your goods wherever you park.

Whether you’re hauling a set of skis, or a luggage, your cargo will stay safe and secure with the Rightline Gear Cargo Lock. These cargo locks are built of nearly indestructible retractable steel cable that can adjust to fit the size of your cargo. Plus, they feature a complex triple tumbler design that allows you to program your own 3 number combination.

The Rightline Gear Security Cable Lock is built for travel. These cargo locks are made from lightweight materials that won’t scratch the surface of your car roof, and they store easily in any car trunk. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

  • Provides security for car top carrier bags
  • Re-settable combination lock; 35 inch retractable steel cable
  • Able to thread through zipper pulls on bags
  • Lightweight housing won’t damage vehicles finish
  • No keys to lose


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