Drinkable drinking water immediately.


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30 in stock

Compact and convenient water filter packed with high quality straw filter featuring replaceable cartridges.

Turn rain, river, lake, stream and surface water into drinkable drinking water immediately.

With high filtering accuracy and perfect filtering effect, Miniwell products have passed through the American FDA and Europe CE, SGS standard test approved.

Small and compact: you can take it along with you wherever you go.  Save the planet from unwanted plastic bottles by using a reusable drinking bottle and a Miniwell water filter.

Absolutely safe: 99.99% of bacteria, and heavy metal can be filtered out.
Healthy & Safe: With 0.01micron filtering accuracy it can turn rain, river and lake water into drinkable water immediately.
Core technology: using carbon fibre and UF compound filter.
Easy operation by manual movement, replacing the cartridge is fast and convenient.

Backed by independent testing by SGS, these filters are sold around the world with impressive reviews. We took some dirty water from the creek at the bottom of our farm block, filtered it and had it independently tested. The results were amazing! Safe drinking water from a dirty creek.

Model: L610
Accuracy: 0.01um
Size: 165x80x80
NW: 245g
GW: 500g
Capacity: 1000L
Water flow: 0.5L/min
Material: ABS, pp, carbon fibre, UF(medical grade)
Attachments: Inlet and outlet water hose, carry bag, pre filter and water cup

Replacement filter cartridges available.
L610 Pre-filter $8.40
L610 Carbon filter $35.25
L610 Ultra filter $36.70

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