Angled to match the slope of the rear seat

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These trunk storage bags are made with the Jeep Wrangler in mind, but will fit almost any SUV or 4×4.

The weatherproof storage bags attach to the roll bars and rear seats of your vehicle to let you take advantage of every bit of storage space.

The Trunk Storage Bag is angled to match the slope of the rear seat and features four zippered compartments, two hard plastic shelves, an inner mesh pouch, and a hard plastic insert in the top of the bag that provides shape and structure.

Use the bags in any combination to hold all of the gear that you need. The bags work for you if you are trail-ready, holding gloves, tree trunk protectors, recovery straps, snatch blocks, first aid kits, jumper cables, tool kits, maps, bikini tops, and air compressors. The bags work for you if you are road-ready, holding jackets, extra clothing, hats, towels, blankets, sun screen, toiletry kits, and lunch/snacks. Keep the Storage Bags strapped in place or carry them outside of your Jeep like a duffle bag.

Dimensions (cm): 91L x 18-30W x 58H
Designed to completely fill the trunk space of 2-door Jeep Wranglers, JK
Can also be used behind the rear seat of 4-door Jeep Wranglers, JK
Weatherproof with welded seams and urethane coated zippers
Straps to roll bars and the rear seat headrests, top up or top down
PVC Coated Mesh – a stiffer nylon re-enforced PVC, UV resistant
Includes: Part 100J72 bag and complete set up guide

100J72-Set Up Guide


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